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Training Plans

Choosing from one of our services will allow you to reach your potential and live a healthier life! Each option will deliver a training plan tailored for your needs and goals. 


Monthly Training Plan ($ 99 / month)

Streamline your training with preset training plans that will help you reach your goals, whether you are running a 10K or want to finish your first Half Ironman distance event.

* This option does not include 1x1 virtual sessions


Bi-Weekly Training Plan ($ 229 / month)

The best of both worlds! You will get training plans that can be adjusted on a bi-weekly basis depending on your needs and progress. In addition, receive 1x1 monthly sessions with your coach to answer any questions you might have during the training process.

* 1x1 sessions will be 100% virtual


Premium Training Plan ($349 / month)

Get the highest level of customization with weekly tailored plans that can adjust to your life needs. In addition, you can receive 1x1 bi-monthly virtual session with your coach. If you are looking for a plan that can adjust to your needs while pushing yourself to new limits, this is the right path for you!   

* 1x1 sessions will be virtual unless athlete/coach proximity allows for in-person meetings.


Ready to get started? Set up an initial consultation with us. It's free!

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