I want to motivate and inspire any athlete whether attempting their first race, or looking for a personal best.

Through my blog, I share my previous race experience, provide training tips that have worked for me, and write about tools I currently use.

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What is HRV and how I use it

With the holidays over, and the new year upon us, I thought this would be the perfect time to review my 2019 season, and explain how my coach Inaki de la Parra and I used HRV4Training to track how multiple stressors potentially affected performance. Any sort of training, especially hard workout sessions or long endurance bouts of exercise, creates stress in the body. One single workout will not necessarily help you improve performance, but the constant exposure to stress and rest will create adaptations in our body that will increase the ability to maximize oxygen utilization, accelerate the recovery process, and will therefore result in performance gains. Stress is good! When we are stresse

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