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Gear Essentials

Why is triathlon gear so complicated? We all go through the same dilemma. There are so many options out there that we can feel overwhelmed. Wetsuits, bicycles, shoes, fuel belts, helmets, sunglasses... The list can be endless. Always remember though, less is more!

If you have decided to commit to triathlon training and racing, but don't know where to start, here's a list of essentials that will hopefully make your journey more enjoyable. As with triathlon, I have separated all gear as if you were going to race day:

Pre-Race: This is a great moment to check and double check all your gear. If you have a destination race, my advice is for you to take the essentials with you in a carry-on. Checked bags can get lost or delayed, causing unnecessary stress. Travel with your running shoes on and make sure your bag is with you at all times.

- Race Belt

- Chip Strap (and Chip!)

- Race number

- Nutrition

- Watch / Heart Rate Monitor

- Race clothes


- Wetsuit / Speedsuit

- Goggles (x2)

- Numbered cap

- Sunscreen

- Anti-chafing lube


- Helmet

- Bike shoes

- Sunglasses

- Water bottles

- Bike nutrition

- Spare tire / tube

- C02 cartridges

- Bike tools

- Bike pump

- Chain lube


- Running Shoes

- Run nutrition

- Hat / Visor


- Recovery Sandals

- Post race clothes

- Towel

There are other things to keep in mind. If you need to assemble your bike, make sure you have a torque meter (you don't want to crack your carbon frame!), hexagonal (Allen) keys and any proprietary tool your bike requires. If you don't know how to assemble it, let the experts do it! A big race is not the best time to explore with your mechanical skills.

I hope these small pointers help you get through your next event!

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