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Speed Hound Recovery System Review

It’s been about three months since Sam from Speed Hound Endurance asked me to test the new recovery system he has been developing. I was excited to give it a go since I had been training for a half marathon and I was really crushing my legs. The theory behind this system is that, by creating dynamic compression around different parts of your legs, circulation is improved, and so is recovery. I won’t go into details, but I can tell you that it really works!

The system has two main components. The control unit and a pair of leg attachments. These come stored in a cushioned bag that keeps everything nice and tidy once you are done using the system. The final product will include a pair of arm and hip attachments. However, since this is the prototype version, I will talk about my experience with the leg pumps.

Set up is simple. Plug in the main module, connect the leg attachments, insert your legs to the attachments, zip up, and you are almost ready to go! You will have the option to choose two types of exercises and the level of pressure you would like (more on this later). This last step is probably the most important, as it will determine whether you want to take care of a localized point on your legs or if you want a general compression massage.

The module itself is very intuitive. Once the system is on, you can choose between mode A or B. Mode A will create pressure on one zone at a time while B will create pressure in multiple zones at a time. I personally prefer mode B. My main use was to recover my legs faster after an intense running session, however, I can see the value of localized pressure points, especially if you are targeting a specific pain point. Pressure can be adjusted simply by modifying the setting on the module. Pressure ranges from 20mmHg - 250mmHg, and you can adjust it while in use. I found this helpful as I could manage the intensity of the cycle. Finally, you can choose the cycle length starting at 10 minutes all the way to 30.

[endif]--My final verdict? I can’t wait for the final product. I went through double-day running sessions, long runs and a very hilly half marathon race without any injuries. My recovery time has seen improvements and regular sessions have become part of my routine. Best of all, you can take it with you anywhere, plug it in, sit down and enjoy!

Speed Hound is the official swim training sponsor at Wildflower Triathlon this May 4th – 6th. I encourage you to go to the Speed Hound Endurance tent and look at their latest products. You won’t regret it! ![endif]--

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